When Edwin Boston Mabry (1867-1936) built his water powered mill in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in the early 1900s, he had no way of knowing it would become one of the most photographed places in Virginia. The gristmill and sawmill have been restored by historic preservationists.

Seasonal Beauty

Located at Milepost 176, the mill offers a beautiful scene during all four seasons.

Whether it’s surrounded by fall colors, covered in snow, or part of a blooming landscape of spring and summer, you’ll love getting to experience this scene.

Mabry Mill in Winter


Mabry Mill began grinding cornmeal for area residents around 1908. Two years later a sawmill was added, and by 1912 the front part of the mill was completed and included a lathe for turning out wheel hubs, a tongue and groove lathe, a planer and a jig-saw. Between 1905 and 1914 E.B. Mabry bought adjacent tracts of land, mostly for the purpose of acquiring more water power.